COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – Update

NH Foods Australia general management group provides the following outline with regards to our response to the COVID-19 crisis.


Firstly, each of our business units is currently open and fully functioning.  These business units are located in regional areas, outside of the main metropolitan cities, specifically in Mackay (QLD), Oakey (QLD) and Wingham (NSW).  In addition, Whyalla Beef (QLD), is operational 7 days a week which allows us a secure and reliable supply from feedlot to processing plant.


Presently, there are no circumstances we have been notified of that may impact our ability to operate as all our beef is sourced solely within Australia.


Further, the well-being of the producers we work with is a priority.  Our group livestock team is undertaking on-going communication with each stake-holder within our supply chain to assess their status.


Just like you, the health and safety of our people, and our products is of prime concern.  COVID-19 is not identified as a food-borne illness but through airborne infection.  Our operational continuity management plan has therefore been in action for a number of weeks and identifies those critical areas to ensure our business practises can be maintained.


We give you our commitment that we will continue to take relevant steps as appropriate and provide you with updates as this situation continues to unfold.


Our thoughts are with you all, please remain safe and we wish you each good health.