About Us

Welcome to NH Foods Australia

NH Foods Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of the NH Foods Group, a publicly listed company in Japan.  NH Foods Group is a leader in the global delivery of a wide variety of foods including fresh meats, ham, sausages, processed foods, seafood, dairy products and health foods.

NH Foods Australia operates three large beef export processing facilities – Oakey Beef Exports (Est #558), Wingham Beef Exports (Est #154) and Thomas Borthwick & Sons (Est #67).

Each is strategically placed in prime cattle areas along the east coast of Australia, and acknowledged as industry leaders in food safety and hygiene practices.  These facilities are supported by one of Australia’s largest and most modern cattle feedlots, Whyalla Beef, located in Southern Queensland.

Our Group’s livestock team sources a wide range of cattle from the best producers throughout Eastern Australia to meet the precise requirements of each product specification.

Cattle types include Wagyu, Black Angus, Australian Shorthorn, Hereford and other premium British breeds which complete our superior quality award-winning grainfed and grassfed programs.

World-wide sales are made through our Australian head office, located in Sydney and complemented by access to the NH Foods Group international network.

NH Foods Australia is also a major supplier to the domestic market through its subsidiary, Beef Producers Australia, which has offices located in New South Wales and Queensland.


The ‘joy of eating’ is the cornerstone of a happy life for everyone, and our job begins with this everyday joy at the centre of everything we do.

Delicious food brings joy to people in countries throughout the world. The ingredients are different, how the food is prepared is different, how people eat is different. But the ‘joy of eating’ is valuable all over the world.

Farming, processing, distributing … our network extends throughout Australia and the world. Our passion and ambition is the greatest driving force in our pursuit of superior Australian beef.

We never compromise on taste or quality, and this ensures the highest safety standards and peace of mind for all our valued customers.

Because of this, NH Foods Australia is able to deliver the joy of eating to over 40 countries across the world.

Australian Operations

Whyalla Beef
(Production and Breeding)

Oakey Beef Exports (Est #558)
(Processing and Packing)

Thomas Borthwick & Sons

Thomas Borthwick & Sons (Est #67)
(Processing and Packing)

Wingham Beef Exports

Wingham Beef Exports (Est #154)
(Processing and Packing)