Getting the Best Cuts

NH Foods Australia (NHA) supplies customers with all AUS-MEAT primal cuts
and can deliver these cuts to individual customer specifications.

To view some or cuts click or tap on the image below to select a point of interest.

Blade Brisket Brisket Chuck Cube Roll Flank Rib Rump Rump Shank Shortloin Shortrib Silverside Tenderloin Topside Shank

Inside Skirt

Thin Skirt

Thick Skirt

Flap Meat

Thick Flank


Thin Flank

Flank Steak

Bottom Sirloin Triangle


Rump Cap


Full Rump

Top Sirloin

Chuck Roll

Chuck Eye Roll
Chuck Tender


Outside Flat

Eye Round



Shin Special Trim

Shin Shank

Shin Shank Boneless

Brisket Point End


Brisket Navel End

Oyster Blade

Clod (Blade)

Bolar Blade

Cube Roll

Cube Roll Lip



Tenderloin SS On

Butt Tenderloin

Inside (Topside)

Inside Cap Off

Chuck Rib

Short Ribs (3 rib)


Offals are retained from both grass and grain-fed cattle and can be packed as either chilled or frozen to meet customer requirements. 

Animal Sourcing

NHA source a wide range of cattle form the best cattle producers throughout eastern Australia to meet the precise requirements of each product specification, including:

  • Wagyu cross, Angus, Murray Grey, Hereford and other British breeds for premium grain fed products
  • Chilled grain fed beef from long fed, middle fed and short fed cattle
  • EU certified cattle for high quality chilled beef for EU markets
  • Cattle from certified organic beef producers for high quality organic beef markets (no antibiotics, growth promotants or pesticides)
  • High quality chilled free range beef

Grain-Fed Beef

Using our own Whyalla feedlot cattle, and cattle sourced from select suppliers, we access a wide range of premium grain fed cattle:

  • Short Fed – 100 days on feed
  • Middle Fed – 150 to 180 days on feed
  • Long Fed – 300+ days on feed
  • YGGF – 70 days grain finished (females not less than 60 days)

NHA can implement special custom feeding programs to meet specific customer flavour and quality requirements. Our grain-fed brands are constantly in demand and are internationally recognized for their quality and flavour.

Grass-Fed Beef

We source a large selection of range beef from Australia’s prime growing areas.

Chilled or Frozen Product

The highest quality Cryovac packaging is used by all our beef processing plants to ensure the longest possible shelf life for the NHA chilled and frozen beef products.


See most of our brands by clicking through to our “A World of Brands” page.