Wingham Beef Exports

Our Grassfed beef is raised on the glorious hinterland of the Manning Valley, situated centrally on Australia’s East Coast.
Where lush pastures grow on deep fertile soils, where cattle graze on the rolling hills in the way nature intended.
This is how we produce world class beef, raised without added growth hormones or antibiotics, with marbling that ensures your meat is succulent, tender and full of flavour.

  • Chilled grainfed beef
  • Chilled grassfed beef
  • All manufacturing products packed to chemical lean content
  • Chilled and frozen red and green offal
  • Beef by-products including tallow, meat and bone meal, gall and blood products


Manning Valley Naturally is award winning beef. Our product has won Gold Medals in multiple Australian Fine Food judging competitions.
Judges have noted clarity of flavour, juiciness and tenderness as the benefits of our product.
We achieve this outcome by sourcing young cattle and following strict specifications on breed, marbling and eating quality.

Gold Royal Melb 2012 - Wingham MVN
GOLD Royal Sydney 2012 - Oakey Angus Reserve 2
Gold Royal Qld 2013 - Wingham MVN
Gold Royal Sydney 2016 - Wingham MVN
Gold Royal Queensland 2016 - Oakey Angus Reserve
Branded Beef Trophy 2016 - HOME
GOLD Sydney 2018 Wingham MVN
Champion Royal Sydney 2018 - Home


A subsidiary of NH Foods Australia (NHA), Wingham Beef Exports is located in Wingham itself on NSW’s mid north coast, just five hours from Sydney.
The facility is a fully integrated abattoir that specialises in processing British breed, grainfed and grassfed cattle.


The facility processes up to 800 head of grassfed and grainfed steers, Eu steers and yearlings per day, 80% of which are British breed cattle, well known for their predisposition to quality marbling.

As a testament to Wingham Beef Export’s further commitment to quality, it has also developed the multiple award-winning Manning Valley… naturally grassfed brand, a regime that performs exceptionally well given the facility’s fresh pastures. The resultant product shows many of the characteristics usually found in grainfed beef, thereby delivering quality and value for money.

Livestock are sourced from NSW and Northern Victoria. Wingham Beef Export buyers purchase based on Weight at Works (WAW), which means they are bought directly from the producer and transported straight to the processing plant. This purchase method has advantages by reducing handling and mileage, while ensuring quality control from paddock to plate.

As an additional purchase option, Wingham Beef Exports has representation at all major livestock markets across NSW and Victoria.

Quality Assurance

Wingham Beef Exports ensure quality and consistency across all areas of production by holding accreditations such as:

  • Ausmeat A+
  • BRC Global Standards – Food & Codex Alimentarius
  • ARA

They are an OSI preferred supplier and operate under the Meat Safe Quality Assurance & Approved Arrangement.


The plant currently ships internationally to major markets including: Japan, USA, Republic of Korea, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Europe, Taiwan, Canada, Mexico, Ukraine, Indonesia and Switzerland.

Domestic Sales are approximately 20 – 30% of the Wingham production, and are marketed domestically through the NHA subsidiary company, Beef Producers Australia.

Our Buyers

For all Livestock enquiries, please contact our buyers directly

Stephen Moy
Livestock Manager
0438 452 925


Greg Palmer
Livestock Buyer
0408 275 148

Brosnan McLay

Bronson McLay
Livestock Buyer
0408 774 165

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