Beef By-Products

All of the NH Foods Australia (NHA) processing facilities have on-site rendering plants which produce several in-demand by-products including:

Meat & Bone Meal 30,000mt per annum
Blood Meal 2,000mt per annum
Tallow 45,000mt per annum
Bone Chips 1,200mt per annum
Concentrated Gall 30mt per annum
Beef Bone Extract 500mt per annum

Meat Bone Meal

The versatility of the MBM products means they can be shipped in export containers, packed in bulk bags and trucked in bulk for domestic use.


NHA facilities produce approximately 45,000MT of Pure Beef Tallow each year. The product is delivered to storage tanks in Brisbane and Mackay, from where it is shipped on bulk carriers to international markets.

Bovine Bone Extract

Wingham Beef Exports, wholly owned by NH Foods Australia, operates a Beef Extract Plant at Macksville (mid north coast NSW) which produces high quality Bovine Bone Extract.

All NHA by-products are sold and distributed both domestically and internationally.