Our Brands

Recognising our global commitment to deliver the “joy of eating” around the world, NH Foods Australia produces a selection of celebrated beef brands to meet the diverse needs of our domestic and international customers.

We produce both grainfed and grassfed beef brands, and are widely recognised for our consistency and exceptional quality. In fact our products have won some of the industry’s most coveted awards.

Grainfed Beef



Purely Australian.

Always Inspiring.

Even before the first cut of Wild Rivers Purebred Wagyu was created, we’ve been quietly obsessed with creating the exceptional. It’s our benchmark, and it lead us here.

We create Wagyu that is truly without compromise. We ensure every element passes our meticulous standards, so every mouthful evokes a deep sensory experience. For those who seek the ultimate in refined Australian Wagyu, look no further than Wild Rivers Purebred Wagyu. Purity leaves a lasting impression, and brings undeniable joy.



Sourced from proven lineage.

Oakey Premium Wagyu has been built on the pillars of confidence, performance and reliability. Add to that our guaranteed marbling characteristics, and you have a Wagyu that never disappoints. That’s why our lineage is so important. It’s the foundation and the driving force behind what we do.

Marbling matters.

Why is marbling so important, and why do we guarantee it? Marbling is the fine textured fat that appears within the muscle. The Wagyu breed is renowned for its marbling capabilities. The more marbling, the more flavour, juiciness and tenderness. And ultimately, that means a richer, more indulgent dining experience.


Angus Reserve R-01


The Best Black Angus Beef in the World.*

*Ok so we may be a little biased. But what we can tell you is that our Angus Reserve is pretty impressive. And that’s because all we do is produce beef. Great quality Australian beef.

For over 40 years we’ve been laser focused on creating the most outstanding Black Angus beef on the market. Has it meant early mornings and bleary eyes? You bet! Has it meant tirelessly formulating exclusive grainfed diets for our cattle? It sure has! Have we nurtured and cultivated the best possible relationships with each and every Angus farmer? Undeniably! Has that commitment created Australia’s Largest Verified Black Angus Beef Brand? Absolutely! But ultimately, has it given us enormous joy? Without question.


Grassfed Beef



It’s where we’re from, that brings the joy.

This is where our grassfed beef story begins. Where spectacular coastline and dramatic hinterland ranges converge. A natural paradise of sea air, great lakes, inland waterways, rainforest and lush green pastures.

Our Manning Valley Naturally cattle graze in this unique, pristine region. Bountiful green grass provides their nourishment.

NO antibiotics. NO hormones. NO grains.

Just pure, natural grass, fresh running water and clear open skies. We think that’s the best way to raise exceptional grassfed beef.



It’s Nature.

It’s Fresh.

It’s from the heart of Queensland.

There’s a reason we’re called Nature’s Fresh Natural Beef. You guessed it. It’s because we do just that. Produce natural, 100% pasture fed beef that’s good for you, and your family.

Nature’s Fresh Natural Beef is tender, succulent and nutritious. But our commitment to creating great tasting healthy beef extends far beyond pasture fed cattle. We create beef you can trust has NEVER been grainfed, NEVER been treated with antibiotics or hormone growth promotants, and NEVER been enclosed.

You can rest easy knowing you’re serving Australian beef that’s good for you. Then just watch the joy it brings… naturally.


Bespoke Beef Brands

Oakey Black Logo-01

Oakey Black

Oakey Black is grainfed and sourced from the Darling Downs.
Perfectly sized for retail and consistent in outstanding colour and eating quality,
Oakey Black is proven excellence.

Oakey Reserve logo updated June 2019

Oakey Reserve

Oakey Reserve is grainfed at our Whyalla Feedlot before production at our Oakey Beef Export facility.

Oakey Reserve is MSA graded, to ensure outstanding quality and flavour.

omugi 150

Omugi 150

Omugi 150 is produced exclusively to meet the needs of our Japanese markets. Breed Angus are grainfed for 150 days at our Whyalla Feedlot and produced at Oakey Beef Exports, Omugi 150 is AUS-Meat graded for consistency.


Omugi 200

Omugi 200 is produced exclusively for our discerning Japanese markets. HGP free Verified Black Angus steers are grainfed for 200 days at our Whyalla Feedlot before production at our Oakey Beef Export facitlity.

Omugi 200 is AUS-Meat graded for consistency, flavour and texture.



Our 1788 brand is produced at Oakey Beef Exports exclusively to meet the needs of our European markets. Verified Black Angus steers are grainfed a unique ration for 120 days at our Whyalla Feedlot.

HGP Free and Aus-Meat Graded, 1788 is enjoyed for its assured tenderness, juiciness and flavour.


1788 Platinum

Our 1788 Platinum brand is produced at Oakey Beef Exports exclusively for our discerning European markets. Verified Black Angus steers are grainfed a high energy ration for 200 days at our Whyalla Feedlot.

HGP Free and Aus-Meat Graded, 1788 Platinum is highly sort and enjoyed for its consistent quality and assured tenderness, juiciness and flavour.

Value-Added Range

Our Farmer’s Choice range includes the following products: Corned Beef, Corned Beef Brisket, Rump Roast and Topside Roast. Available at selected retail outlets across Australia, Farmer’s Choice is produced at two plants – Oakey Beef Exports (Est 558) and Thomas Borthwick & Sons in Mackay (Est 67). Having multiple plants means we have the flexibility and versatility to suit your needs.