Sell Your Cattle

Sell Us Your Cattle

NH Foods purchases all types of slaughter and feeder cattle, including:

  • Grass fed ox
  • Cows
  • Bulls
  • Msa yearling grass trade (0 to 8 tooth eligible)
  • Grass trade yearlings

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Download a Hobby Farmer Declaration Form

Download an application for Direct Debit

  • 100 day grain fed ox
  • Jap Ox
  • 70 day grain trade
  • Eu grass fed cattle
  • Vealers


The company can deliver 300kg and 500kg feeder steers and heifers to feedlots and we can provide excellent spelling and feeding facility with 4 deck road train access

Prompt payments (9 Days) can be arranged to your nominated bank account.

Cattle inspections by appointment only.


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Find A Buyer

NH Foods has buyers located across Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania.
Click on the map to locate your nearest Buyer.

Kerry Flynn
0448 528 826

Malcolm Kinman
0427 521 377

Kurt Wockner
0427 754 852

Stephen Moy
0438 452 925

Greg Palmer
0408 275 148

Tony Burke
0428 387 053

Richard Cole
0427 829 438